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"A distant past that leaves
no way out."
The Corriere Adriatico
"The Mysteries of Villa Brandi: Commissioner Ruggeri is back on track."
The Voice of Vallesina
"A novel set in Jesi: a journey
to the secret city."
The Corriere Adriatico

Perhaps he will look at Jesi with different eyes  who will read “The mysteries of Villa  Brandi ”, a published book  at the beginning of this summer, difficult  collocation as to gender  of belonging. He can not  simply be defined  a 'noir'. It's also a detective,  a thriller, a science fiction book,  Indiana Jones adventures,  with references to  mystagogy, esotericism,  popular legends, secrets  Masonic, true or imagined history,  past and present.  The setting is precisely Jesi,  really and meticulously  documented or imaginatively  described; especially that particularly  suggestive of the historical center.  

Augusta Franco Cardinali  (The Voice of Vallesina)

Click on the cover and start reading the adventures of Commissioner Caterina Ruggeri for free.


The intriguing trilogy from the plot unfolding in the Ancona brand at the beginning of the 16th century

Nel Segno del Leone - Lo Stampatore Volume 3
copertina "L'eredità di Bernardino - Lo stampatore quarto episodio"
Work in progress - New episode of the historical series

Year 2020: not even the Lock Down due to the COVID 19 pandemic will be able to stop the work of the scholar Lucia Balleani and the archaeologist Andrea Franciolini, once again committed to discovering mysterious mysteries in the heart of the historic center of Jesi. An ancient underground pipeline and an enigmatic burial will this time represent two very difficult puzzles for the young couple of researchers to solve.

The discoveries of ancient documents and archaeological finds by Andrea and Lucia, ci  will report, as usual, following the events of the 16th century Jesini characters, their ancestors. The printer Bernardino dictated his last will to a notary before he died, but it seems that this is of little interest to the heirs of the Marquis Franciolini and the Countess Baldeschi. The Marquis Alessandro Colocci, husband of the Countess Laura Baldeschi, will prove to be a grim and cowardly character in the service of Pope Paul III, but will have to deal with the young scion of the Franciolini family, Francesco, very determined  in trying to repossess the title of Captain of the People, assumed by the Marquis Colocci only by virtue of having married his older sister Laura.

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