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Commissioner Caterina Ruggeri was born in my mind on a day in September of the year 2009. I wanted a character who would reflect my ideal model of a woman: simple and independent, a lover of animals, an apparently wholly d 'type a piece but that knows how to live her feelings under the bark. A person who does not hold back in the face of dangers, courageous and good-natured, a champion of justice, but who does not make anyone weigh the fact of being such. Gradually, in reading, we discover the sensitivity of Doctress Ruggeri, we discover her strengths and weaknesses, we discover that behind a gruff facade, behind an apparently grumpy character, she is a person capable of loving, of feeling true feelings and of living everyday life, with its difficulties, its joys and its pains. In short, a character that one cannot help but love. (Stefano Vignaroli)
Copertina libro "Delitti Esoterici"
Esoteric crimes
ISBN- 9788835405764

Sudden disappearances worry the inhabitants of Triora, a town in the Ligurian hinterland. Caterina Ruggeri, police commissioner, will have to shed light on mysterious crimes by pushing her investigations up to events that took place 400 years earlier: the killing of a witch seems to conceal the causes of an esoteric revenge. The new Commissioner will find herself involved, as soon as she arrives in her new job, in a thorny investigation during which she will have to deal with characters linked to an esoteric sect, in a country that is the place of witches par excellence. Starting from the discovery of the charred body of a woman, at the end of the operations to extinguish a forest fire, Dr. Ruggeri, aided by her deputy, Inspector Giampieri, a former military expert in information technology and skilled sports car driver, he will have to extend his investigation to events that took place in those places even in distant periods in time. Doctor Ruggeri's dog, Furia, witty and faithful Springer Spaniel, unparalleled tracker finder, will be of invaluable help on more than one occasion.

Copertina "I misteri di Villa Brandi"
Quiet provincial town
The Mysteries of Villa Brandi
ISBN- 9788835430391

A violent explosion during the inauguration party of Villa Brandi, an eighteenth-century villa recently restored thanks to the cash contribution of a well-known international football manager, kills four people and seriously injures a fifth, causing a quiet panic town in the Marche province. Commissioner Ruggeri, despite being on maternity leave, will find herself unwillingly involved in the investigation.

The Diary of a Psychopath

ISBN: 9781491256619


With "The diary of a psychopath" we have reached the third adventure of Commissioner Caterina Ruggeri, the now well-known policewoman from the Marche region, loved by her loyal readers. At his side a new colleague, Commissioner Sergio Adinolfi of Senigallia, an expert “criminal profiler”, together with whom he will have to chase a psychopathic serial killer. At a certain point Caterina will almost give in to the charm of her colleague, but the course of the story will not be able to leave room for amorous affairs. A challenge in the dark for Commissioner Caterina Ruggeri, who will find herself involved in the most introspective of her adventures. In fact, she will discover that the killer is closer to her than anyone dares to imagine, perhaps he is a member of her own family. He will have to dig into his past and his unconscious to arrive at the solution, but when this seems to be at hand, here are new twists to change the cards on the table. It seems that the psychopath enjoys creating embarrassing situations on purpose for our policewoman, who, pursued by the commissioner, magistrate and journalists, must quickly reach a plausible conclusion. Will he succeed? Let the reader find out!

Stefano Vignaroli, Thriller author and historical novels
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