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The historical series set in the Renaissance Jesi: THE PRINTER

Bernardino Manuzzi is a VXI-century printer from Jesi, indicated by some as the inventor of movable lead printing types, which replaced the much less durable wooden ones. The printer becomes a friend and confidant of a young countess, Lucia, with whom he shares a passion for the arts and literature, which are also flourishing in Jesi during the Renaissance. Lucia, however, is the grandson of an evil Cardinal, Cardinal Baldeschi, a weaver of obscure plots capable of centralizing both ecclesiastical and temporal power on himself. The designated victim of the Cardinal's tyranny will be Andrea Franciolini, son of the Capitano del Popolo and betrothed to Lucia.
copertina libro "L'ombra del Campanile"
The shadow of the bell tower
ISBN- 9788873044772

Year 2017: the young scholar Lucia Balleani, arranging and classifying the texts of the library of the Hoenstaufen foundation, finds herself working in the ancient palace that had been the residence of the noble Baldeschi-Balleani family, of which she is a direct descendant. A series of visions related to what happened to her namesake Lucia Baldeschi, will lead the reader to discover with her a dark story that took place in the same place 500 years earlier. A young countess, Lucia Baldeschi, lives in a Renaissance Jesi, rich in art and culture, where new and sumptuous palaces are being built on the ruins of the ancient Roman city. The girl is the grandson of an evil Cardinal, a weaver of dark plots aimed at centralizing both temporal and ecclesiastical power in his own hands. Lucia, a person with a marked intelligence, becomes friends with a typographer, Bernardino, with whom she will share the passion for the rebirth of the arts, sciences and culture, which are characterizing the period throughout Italy. She will find herself caught between the duty to obey her uncle, who made her grow and educate in the palace in the absence of her parents, and the passionate love for Andrea Franciolini, son of the Capitano del Popolo and designated victim of the Cardinal's tyranny.
The story is also told through the eyes of Lucia Balleani, a young scholar descendant of the noble family. In 2017, exactly 500 years after the events, the latter discovers ancient documents in the family palace, and reconstructs all the complex history of which traces had been lost.

Copertina libro "La Corona Bronzea"
The Bronze Crown
ISBN- 9788835403418

Year 2018: the bronze crown disappears from the icon of the Palazzo della Signoria in Jesi, which has always been above the rampant lion, symbolizing the royalty of the city. A new enigma to solve for the scholar Lucia Balleani who, finally met love in the young archaeologist Andrea Franciolini, will have to rediscover with him some unknown sides related to the life of her ancestor Lucia Baldeschi. So let's go back, together with our two heroes, back in the time of half a millennium, to discover how people lived in the alleys, squares and palaces of a splendid city of the Marche, famous in the world, then as now, for being the birthplace of Emperor Frederick. II.

Bernardino, the printer, lies in desperate conditions in a room in the Santa Lucia hospital. Cardinal Baldeschi died suddenly and left the city government vacant. Will it finally be the young Lucia Baldeschi who will take the reins of the government and prevent Jesi from falling into the hands of enemies who have always hounded its doors? Of course, the government cannot be left in the hands of four corrupt nobles or, worse, entrusted to the papal legate sent by the Pope. But Lucia is a woman, and it is not easy to assume roles of power, traditionally entrusted to men. And Andrea, his love, what happened to him, after having escaped the gallows and having disappeared in the wake of the Mancino? Will he return to the scene to help his beloved? Or will controversial events lead him to completely different shores?

copertina libro ""Nel segno del Leone"
In the Sign of Leo
ISBN- 9788835403685


Year 2019: once again, the scholar Lucia Balleani and the archaeologist Andrea Franciolini will take us by the hand and guide us through the arcane mysteries of the Renaissance Jesi, among the streets, alleys and palaces of a historic center which, at the gates of the 1920s of the 21st century, it begins to regurgitate from the subsoil ancient and important objects referable to past eras. The archaeological excavations of Piazza Colocci will in fact reserve unexpected surprises in the eyes of the entire population of Jesi. Let's start following the events of the characters of the sixteenth century through the discoveries of ancient documents and archaeological finds by the young couple of researchers of our times. New winds of war will in fact bring the Captain of arms of the Royal City of Jesi back to the battlefields.

After the first two episodes of the series "The printer", here we are at the finale, the last episode of the saga dedicated to the Renaissance Jesi. At the end of the second episode, we left Andrea almost on the verge of death, helped by his beloved, hidden in disguise. The plot has moved to Urbino, but certainly our two heroes, Andrea Franciolini and Lucia Baldeschi, will have to return to Jesi to crown their dream of love. The wedding must be a festive and sumptuous event, and must be celebrated by the Bishop of the City of Jesi, Monsignor Piersimone Ghislieri. But are we sure that dark plots, of destiny and of men, will not be able to hinder the union between Andrea and Lucia for the umpteenth time? 

Stefano Vignaroli, Thriller author and historical novels
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