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Shipping, returns and refunds policy


In the online shop of the site it is possible to purchase the books published and edited by the author Stefano Vignaroli, directly in self-publishing, or through publishing houses. The sale is managed directly by the author, who can offer special discounts on the cover prices, up to a maximum of 15% depending on the time of year and current promotions.
In principle, unless otherwise specified, shipping is free, both for Italy and for foreign countries. In foreign countries, books in foreign languages (French, Spanish, English) are sent.
Except in particular cases, the shipment is not managed directly, but through partners, essentially through Amazon, which guarantees shipments abroad as well as in Italy. In general, the product is delivered to the customer within 10 days of placing the order. The customer is notified by e-mail of the shipment and is notified by the same means of any delays in delivery. Longer times, up to 30 days, are foreseen for hardcover bound books, as the "Print on demand" requires a longer processing.


Returns of ordered goods are accepted within ten days of receipt. The return request must be sent within the established times to the e-mail specifying the reason for the request (order placed by mistake, goods not conforming to expectations, goods arrived in poor condition, found on the market the same product at a lower price, etc.). Books evidently read, torn out of pages, damaged or in which any pen or pencil writing has been done will not be accepted. The sending of the return is the responsibility of the customer, who will have to provide not to use the original wrapping, but insert the book/books to be returned in a padded envelope with the writing "fold of books" clearly written and the destination address : Vignaroli Stefano, Via Bruno Buozzi 10 - 60035 Jesi (AN). Only the Poste Italiane channel should be used and the shipping cost, approximately € 1.60, is charged to the customer and cannot be refunded.
Once the return has been received and the integrity of the product has been verified, the refund will be made, as specified in the following paragraph.
Returns are possible only for goods sent within the Italian national territory. Returns are not permitted for goods sent abroad. 


In the same return request e-mail, the customer will indicate how he wants to be refunded. Considering that it is not always possible to reuse the same channel used by the customer for payment, it is possible to request:
1 - bank transfer (indicate the IBAN)
2 - top-up of prepaid card (Postepay or others; indicate the useful details  to           be able to credit) 

Any complaint must be forwarded to the

For any controversy, the Court of Ancona is competent.
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